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Anna Lynette Kelly: Psychic Reader, Medium, Spiritual Channel

Book your psychic reading, Soul Message session, mediumship Session or Soul Work spiritual counseling package here.

Are you ready for deeper self awareness?

Still being weighed down by past relationships hurts?

Wondering how to become a Soul Mate magnet?

Need to know if a loved one who passed is doing ok?

If answers is what you need, you have come to the best psychic to entrust your life and connection to Spirit with. Anna Lynette's psychic readings, mediumship reading, and unique Soul Message Readings promise to deliver incredible, quality and remarkably accurate information about life, love, career and health. She holds all her work to high integrity levels. Be assured for respect, quality, and compassion.

Use the links below to book your session.

I am available by phone, Skype or in-person sessions from three New Jersey locations: Oak Ridge NJ, at in Denville, and coming soon to a third location in North NJ psychic in East Hanover.


Don't forget to add your Soul Snippet gift to your purchase!


Soul Work : Ready for deep spiritual healing? Soul Work can help you to heal relationships, find your life direction, create deep healing experiences and free your Soul.

Click on the 'Soul Work consultation' button to schedule a quick chat with me. We will discuss a proposed program based on your intent, motivations and needs. With the purchase of a Soul Session package, the consultation fee is deducted.  

Not sure which type of psychic reading is the best? Check out our FAQ section for more info.

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