Use this option if the purchaser is not the recipient and the Message is being gifted to another person. Thank you for seeking to share the Love Soul Messages deliver! 

This Soul Message option is for electronic delivery of a recorded channeled uplifting and inspirational message plus a quick interpretive bit averaging 5 minutes in length. Inspiration can come from multiple sources and is not restricted to Soul. Each recording is unique to the individual receiving the message and the information that is being conveyed, so length and time are not fixed.

Privacy and respect for the recipient is of the utmost importance.

The process: The recipient is emailed a personalized gift message that you include during the purchase of the gift. An email address must be included, or you must direct the person to contact me via phone or email. If email is included, I will CC you and the recipient to gain permission for them. Once I have that, I will forward to them their Soul Snippet Message.
Thank you! And blessings to you.

Soul Snippet Gift! (Add on to an hour session)