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Mediumship Reading - Phne/Onli

Evidential Mediumship reading and messages proving love is eternal!

  • 1 hour
  • 120 US dollars
  • Phone/Online Session, single person

Service Description

As an evidential medium, I provide specific and relevant information about loved ones who have moved into Spirit. What kind of evidence? Well, each connection is unique, but I often get names (exact or phonetic), ages and conditions of passing, characteristics, nuances, descriptions - physical and characters. Sometimes I channel emotions, voice/vocal/or communication traits. Sometimes ticks or personal quirks will be shared by Spirit. Things that are relevant to the sitter, you and how you remember them or how they remember you. Readings often bring in humor, joy, love, forgiveness and sometimes even resolution to relationship challenges. Mediumship readings and timing - it is important to recognize that just because you want someone to come through does not mean they will. Universal timing and free-will are the standards of my work with Spirit. I respect Spirit and Divine timing. While you are encouraged to foster and focus on communication from a specific individual(s), I liken a reading to calling a house full of people. Sometimes, who you want answers the call, other times it is a surprise. In all instances, the highest and most important information and connection is established. Thank you for understanding and helping to sustain healthy Earth/Spirit connections. :)

Contact Details

+null 973-580-3552


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