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Anna Lynette offers the deepest and most profound readings for each and every client.
Anna Lynette's psychic readings, and unique Soul Message sessions, share so much wisdom and healing that you will leave your reading feeling renewed, at peace, and with direction to live your best life. 

Come discover what Anna Lynette can share with you...

I'm a lover of words and all I can muster after my soul reading is 'wow' because I am at a loss for others...



...WOW, I was (for lack of a better term) blown away!... (more)


Psychic Readings

Looking for a psychic reading?


Anna Lynette is a psychic who offers multi-faceted, traditional psychic readings using her natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Readings are offered in one hour sessions.


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Mediumship Sessions

Seeking to connect with loved ones that have passed?
Anna Lynette is an evidential and message medium who offers either group or individual mediumship sessionsTravel to a larger group can be booked
Readings are offered in either 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions.
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I think this is an important, unique, and special way to connect with my soul, and my curiosity in engagement has grown immensely. I’m excited to... (more)

I was blown away by what my soul had to share. I have been listening... (more)


A Soul Message Reading ... is a powerful experience.

The Soul is individual spiritual Divinity; your unique part of Divine Essence.


Your Soul has complete knowing of your entire life, your ideal Life Purpose and Highest Potentials.

It knows and completely understands your fears and challenges, and why you have them.

Your Soul knows the best way to assist you at all times. 


A Soul Message - Reconnecting, remembering, and reknowing

yourself through direct communication to your Soul.


When your Life is aligned with your Soul you are in-flow with the Universe; bringing greater joy, fulfillment, happiness and abundance to your everyday experience.

Soul typically communicates on topics or issues like: life purpose, soul mates, direction, healing and addressing challenges, alleviating suffering, spiritual agreements, gifts, healing barriers to fulfillment, opening perspective, healing and strengthening relationships or separating and healing from relationships, healing after divorce, optimal life choices, alternate choices, core accomplishments, and great spiritual understandings, to name a few.



I'd like to request a Soul Message Reading


Also offering psychic and mediumship readings. 

Check out classes, workshops and other group offerings here

Soul Work - Healing Yourself through Spirit

Soul Work is spiritual and whole life counseling

that frees you from your suffering and brings joy into your life.

We take an in-depth and comprehensive approach to your healing through intensive two-hour sessions. Through his highly experiential, customized journey we address:

  • core and limiting beliefs

  • your agreements and relationships

  • ancestral influence and healing

  • elevating your life potentials, agreements and soul mate connections

  • healing pain and suffering

  • opening awareness channels within your Being

  • delivering healing tools, techniques and processes that are customized to your intent, needs and motivations

​​Each Soul Work journey I embark on is unique and customized to the client's needs. Spirit will inform us of anticipated length needed to clear what is desired. Typically the Soul Work journey is completed over 4 to 6 two-hour sessions and is sold by reduced rate packages. I am committed to doing this work on the behalf of others and strive to make it as accessible as possible. Please contact me for a consultation so we can outline your Soul Work journey and begin your healing.

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Contact Anna Lynette, The Soul Messenger HERE

Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings, and Soul Message Sessions are available worldwide.

LOCATIONS for in-person session:

  • Oak Ridge, NJ (book here)

For Deeper Transformation, go to Soul Sessions
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