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To see a summary monthly calendar click here.


Currently classes are mostly held within the Northern New Jersey region and some will be offered remotely online. In the coming year we will be branching out to offer teachings elsewhere as demand warrants. While everyone needs to register for classes, you need not use Paypal unless you want to. To register and pay in person, send an email with the class title and your name and contact information to: . See you soon!!                   PS: Have a class request? Send it here!

Workshop split into two weeknight sessions.


This is a VERY hands on POWER class!


Apply this process to your business, personal life, relationships, anything!


Come with your dreams and visions; your frustrations and fears. I will assist you in creating an immediate life flow that can help you move from 'stuck' to 'productive' in a few focused steps. Th Divine Creator guided me in creating this class. IT WORKS. This process takes into account your unique being and current positioning and it will address specifc blocks that keep sabotaging this (and other) desires.


Manifest your dreams!


Meaning ... actually make them come to fruition.




You WILL experience fulfillment and

realize your dreams through this process.


This process was shown to me by the Creator and I will offer along the way 'why' this works so effectively. During the session I offer direct Divine guidance to help fine tune you and your process outcome. I will offer to those who are interested 2-3 minute Soul Messages to help direct and keep you addressing core points and refinements throughout your manifesting.


Take the class once and reap a lifetime of benefit.


You will walk away from this workshop empowered, clearer, action-oriented and 'energetically lighter' headed straight towards fulfillment.


Thursdays April 9th & 16th 7:00 to 9:30 -- JAM PACKED

$85 total.

Includes class, guidance and a take home process sheet. Please RSVP for directions and attendance.

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