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The Flutter of Love

The Flutter of Love

By Anna Lynette, The Soul Messenger

Are you familiar with the phrase and concept called the ‘Butterfly Effect’? In short, it is where a very small difference or change in an initial condition can make significant changes to an unknown or unpredictable condition at some point later in time. Be it through innocence, ignorance, or intent, the initiator does as it does and the rest follows in either chaos or in order.

We are faced, in nearly every aspect of our being, with the effect of all decisions, chaos, and actions of all of existence up until this very moment, right here. Yet, we are not slaves to what is, nor are we powerless against chaos and condition. We are the butterfly. With this moment, like all others, we can choose through free-will to either accept that which is presented or to reject that which is presented. Agreement means continuation and disagreement means redirection. We have the powerful tool of free-will if we choose to use it.

Overall, chaos and change get a bad rap when truly they are neutral. Chaos neutral? Yes. It’s a reset button. It’s what allowed us to not be dinosaur food. It happens and change occurs. We fight the change but eventually it becomes normal until the next chaos or creation. Chaos, and how we view it is highly dependent on our perspective and timing. What may be perceived as good one year, may be really messy another. And vice versa. Chaos itself is neither good nor bad. Almost everything has both up and down-sides. Chaos is just different. And it is what you DO with ‘different’ that makes it negative or positive. The freedom starts with the perception and continues through conscious reaction.

How do you wield your free will when faced with chaos? What are your patterns of thinking, emotional movements, and actions? Do you find yourself blindly applying action without understanding or discernment? Reaction on auto-pilot – that was me in my own life. Everything that disrupted my intended flow was bad and should be fought against. What a waste of free-will energy! Applying a bit of Love, patience and discernment goes (and went) a long way. There are times when the fight is appropriate; to hold the ground for what you believe is for the greater good. And there are times when a clean slate is exactly the perfect nesting for a new creation! When you apply Love to your perception first, discernment is clearer and then knowing, through consciousness, to take action or non-action becomes more evident.

When faced with your next chaos moment, apply a pause first and let the auto-pilot reactions subside. (Those reactions can teach you many wonderful things about yourself and what you allowed to be normal in your life. You may be surprised.) Apply Love next – to the situation, to yourself, and to the other players. Pause again until the gut reaction quells. Develop understanding, a bit of discernment, and go from there.

As a channeler of the Divine Realm, it has come to my understanding that we are on the precipice of challenge with lots of newness, namely uncharted territory. Change scares the heck out of most people. Not letting ourselves react from fear, conditioning, and anger will allow us, individually and through Collective Agency to alter our direction. Remember, at every moment, you are the Butterfly. Regardless of what it is you face, regardless of the degree of the challenge – however large or small, and regardless of how everyone else may be reacting… you have the absolute power to see and act through your own being. If you choose to filter with pause and discernment and can show others how to do so, eventually, by choice after choice, Love will be more present than anything else. In your life and in all lives. The Flutter of Love is a Powerful Force. Use it at will.

© 2014. The Soul Messenger, LLC. All rights reserved.

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