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Addressing questions some folk have...

Thank you for your interest in the services of 'The Soul Messenger'. I set up this page to address some questions that have come up. Feel free to inquire directly and I will answer in the best way I can to you directly and also post here if relevant!


How did you start doing Soul Messages?

I've been a psychic and a medium professionally for many years. Born psychic, healer, medium and Divine Channeler, I struggled for many years trying to 'fit' in and to somehow manage the gifts I was born with; or I just simply ignored or hid from them like many of us do. Once I acknowledged and embraced my gifts, my life began to alter in amazing ways. Over the years, through intensive study, the addressing of fears and limitating beliefs, overall life dedication and committment, and yes, even an outloud 'proclamation to service' to the Creator, I had my truest calling (yet) shown to me. I was equally prepared to accept this calling as much as the calling was prepared to accept me. In that way, Soul Messages were co-created. The Soul Channeling process that I utilized for the Soul Messages Sessions came naturally and quickly to me, was then verified through many sources, and became the inspiration for sharing it with as many people as possible. And Soul Messaging began.



How are Soul Messages different than psychic readings or mediumship?


Psychic readings (energy reading, tarot, psychometry, etc) occur when one's general energy is 'read' by the psychic through various intuitive skills of sight (clairvoyance), audio (clairaudience), sensing/feeling (clairsentience), and knowing (claircognizance) to identify a few. This type of reading looks at what already 'is' (whether it is ideal, in line with purpose, or not) and where you are generally headed with what you've brought to the table. A medium is a person who can communicate through elevated processes with those who have passed into Spirit. I also happen to be both psychic and a medium; they are wonderful gifts both to and from Spirit as well as those who are currently incarnated, but they are open to the readers interpretation, perspective, influences, skill, etc. Channeled messages are quite different from either psychic or mediumship.


Channeled messages are direct, unfiltered communication.


As I recevie the words they are shared verbatim and often flow in fragments that then form highly sentient ideas, thoughts, sentences and paragraphs. I often do not have any intuition for what will be said, though on occassion I am shown something clairvoyantly that then must be described (interpretated) for the receiver. Other than that rare occassion that is clearly disclosed, the message, contents, and overall sentiment of the Soul Message is direct communication - words, phrases, sentences, imgaes - that are ALL from the recipient's Soul.


How do Soul Message Sessions differ from a psychic reading?


Soul Messages are highly impactful communication from your Soul that offers a vast amount of information and insight to work with. Soul, mostly, has been communicating based on life choices and actions, the present state, and how to optimize moving forward. Also, Soul has been giving insight into how to improve or mitigate problems and when the recipeint is ready, deep, best possible life choices and Life Purpose imformation. Soul knows what needs to come for the recipient when they are there as well as what can be accepted and worked on at that time. You will depart with a detailed recording that you can immediately begin implementing in your life.


A psychic reading, without the Soul Message component, is a highly attuned reading that your energy provides to me  helping to give clarity and direction to your life. I use clairvoyance, clairaudient, claircognizance, clairsentience to convey information to the sitter. Deep and fulfilling, my psychic work is aligned with Spirit. The difference is the channeling aspect, which for some, may feeling challenging or disconcerting or even initiate fear of the unknown. I recognize the depth of connection that is attained in a Soul Message Session, it is not for everyone. There is no judegement there at all. Its most important to me that when one needs help, that it is sought out and found. I offer many ways to reach peace and fulfillment. It is for you to decide what works for you at this point in your life.


What type of information comes from a Soul Session?


All information conveyed is both loving and direct. Soul typically conveys what is in line with one's Life Purpose and what is out of line or has barriers. Soul can also discuss limitations, old mental or emotional pain that is ready to be healed or addressed, challenges, relationships, life conditions, and more. Each message is unique to the person and where they are on their life journey that takes into account choices made, free-will and the overall initial intent of the incarnation.


The Soul Message is your Soul communicating to you about your life. I am simply the message bearer and am not altering the message in any manner.



Why does my Soul Message talk about 'WE'? Who is 'We' ?



The Spirit aspect of you has multiple levels to it. Even the term 'Soul' is not singular. It encompasses all the layers of your Spiritual Inner Self that is known collectively as the Soul. Recognize the Soul is one aspect of your Spiritual side and connection, and it happens to be the closest connection. It also holds vast information directly relating to all your incarnations including this incarnation = YOU! Recognize we as humans are all beings of free-will. Your Soul can help guide you in your choices and experience, but to actively participate in your life and guide you to your highest potential requires your direct choice and will to do both communicate with Soul and to help put it into action. This is pure co-creation at its core.


The Soul layers and the entire construct of the Spirit World will be shared and discussed at length at The website is in construction and many of our videos will be posted to YouTube under Soul Messages Productions. Subscribe to that page for updates and like us on Facebook under - We will be announcing video releases regularly.


We will keep in touch to let you know when the book detailing the above is released but also includes direct information about how Creation began.


"The only singular that exists is the one that encompasses everything." Anna Lynette


Can I record the message?

Yes!!! And please do. Sometimes the sitter forgets, or I forget to mention and then we are left retracing - which when your are here is much easier than after you've left! I have many people I work with and don't actively attempt to 'log' information. Let's let technology do that work for us.

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