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The Soul Messenger


Hello, I am Anna Lynette and I have dedicated my life to the service of Spirit. I serve this role in many ways. As the Soul Messenger, I am committed to strengthening the connection and communication between our Mechanism (body and mental) with our Soul (our Spirit - the Essence and our unique connection to Divine Consciousness). If the current self has a weak connection to your Soul, then so does Spirit and all the wonderful gifts the Divine Realm shares. My intention is for all to have a consistent and continual connection with their inner Divinity.

My natural state is to be connected to the Divine. I share that connection with others through psychic readings, mediumship readings (connecting to loved ones in Spirit) and through helping others reframe their existence that in turn brings peace, knowing, purpose and fulfillment. 

I use my gifts of clairvoyance (seeing Spirit and Divine), clairaudience (hearing Spirit) clairecognizant (knowing) and clairsentience (feeling and sensing) to connect with the Divine. When I chose to do this work, I co-created with Spirit that I would not use tools between myself and knowing, and that I would not need any either. This means that I have attuned myself to communicating and interacting with Spirit directly. When working with a client, there is nothing between myself and them except for the information I need to convey. 

My sessions are a blend of impact and sacred, fun and light, specific and general (to add context for the client). I mirror your energy and know things from your perspective. I also can jump out of that perspective and receive greater understandings - which is key to allowing the client to reframe their experience to heal, grow, empower, unshackle, and expand. 

Every reading I do, is geared and intended to help the client break from chains and patterns that hold them back, to heal and gain empowerment and to build greater self-awareness. With self-awareness, you have the foundation to heal and grow. With empowerment, you have the courage and confidence to take the necessary steps to emerge and evolve into greater life experiences. My clients leave their sessions with a greater connection to Spirit and are ready to embrace their Being with inspiration to become more of who they have the potential to be! 


A Soul Message Session is one way to strengthen that self-awareness and connection to Spirit. A unique connection and perspctive of the 'Big Picture'. 

A psychic reading opens us further to deeper knowings of who we are and mediumship affirms the knowing that life is continual.

Taking it a step further and engaging into your deeper levels occurs with Soul JourneyW 6-week intensive. With the Soul Integration Journey, you are choosing to embark on life altering and an amazing co-creation journey of life. In whatever way you choose to move forward, you have my absolute dedication in assisting. 


In the future I will announce additional services, options, channeled messages, free transmissions, tutorials, and more. Following us on Facebook and Twitter  will keep you in the know.


You can also view other general channeled messages from the Divine Realm on our affiliated website: and the associated free videos on our channel at YouTube.


You can also subscribe to our newsletter outlining classes and such on the contact us page.


Thank you for being part of what we are working on. These are exciting times!



Anna Lynette

The Soul Messenger -  offering psychic and medium readings, and teacher.
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