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The Soul Messenger


Hello, I am Anna Lynette and I have dedicated my life to the service of Spirit. I serve this role in many ways. As the Soul Messenger, I am committed to strengthening the connection and communication between our Mechanism (body and mental) with our Soul (our Spirit - the Essence and our unique connection to Divine Consciousness). If the current self has a weak connection to your Soul, then so does Spirit and all the wonderful gifts the Divine Realm shares. My intention is for all to have a consistent and continual connection with their inner Divinity.


A Soul Message Session is one way to strengthen that awareness and connection to Spirit. A psychic reading opens us further to deeper knowings of who we are and mediumship affirms the knowing that life is continual. Taking it a step further and engaging into your deeper levels occurs with Soul Work. With Soul Work you are choosing to embark on life altering and an amazing co-creation journey of life. In whatever way you choose to move forward, you have my absolute dedication in assisting. 


In the future I will announce additional services, options, channeled messages, free transmissions, tutorials, and more. Following us on Facebook and Twitter  will keep you in the know.


You can also view other general channeled messages from the Divine Realm on our affiliated website: and the associated free-share videos on our channel at YouTube.


You can also subscribe to our newsletter outlining classes and such on the contact us page.


Thank you for being part of what we are working on. These are exciting times!



Anna Lynette

The Soul Messenger - channeled messages from your Soul, also offering psychic and medium readings. Check out Soul Work.
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