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Check out these client testimonials! 

I've included them to help you better know me and the work I do.

ALL feedback and even video testimonials are always welcomed.

(Published with permission.)


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Lorna P.
Los Angeles, CA

" I just had the opportunity to listen to my soul message. All I can say is WOW. It was very on-point with my life & my feelings. It felt real, genuine, true and even vulnerable. There are certain things that I thought I was the only person in the world that knew or understood about myself. Thank you Lynette for delivering this to me."

The Intuitive Connection
Karl S.
New York

"Very groovy reading. It has inspired me and given me affirmation to keep pushing along towards my dream."

The Intuitive Connection
Rachelle, H.
Portland, OR

"Lynette truly has a gift. Unsure of what a Soul Message was, I came into the experience open minded and curious. I was blown away by what my soul had to share. I have been listening to my message over and over, learning more and more about myself each time. I think this is an important, unique, and special way to connect with my soul, and my curiosity in engagement has grown immensely. I’m excited to continue connecting and learning about myself and my soul in this way. Thank you Soul Messenger!"

Angel Love
Reverend Susan
North New Jersey

"Anna Lynette is a gifted medium who channels elevated beings.  From them, she receives messages that are replete with wisdom, healing, and light.  Her messages from these masters evince the omnipresence and unconditional love of Spirit for those of us who are Spirit incarnate.  These beings confirm that we are never alone and that we are always cherished.  I highly recommend Anna Lynette for her intelligence, accuracy, genuine compassion, and spirituality."

The Intuitive Connection
Susan, B.
Atlanta, GA

" I'm a lover of words and all I can muster after my soul reading is 'wow' because I am at a loss for others. (My husband may be buying me daily sessions :) The reading addressed everything I'd been struggling with; providing insights and answers to my most pressing reflections. I have had healing sessions with Lynette and could physically 'feel' her work and the soul session was no different: I 'felt' it on a spiritual level. I sent the recording to my sister, who was equally dumbfounded. She said "It's like Lynette has been listening to our calls." LOL. Thank you again and thank you so much for such a great reading. You have an awesome gift and I'm glad I have been on the receiving end of it."

Channeled Readings
Caroline G.
Orange County, NY

"The first time I met Lynette was at a local healing center where she was hosting a workshop on your Belief system. Feeling stuck in my life and not knowing where it was coming from, I was intrigued to attend.
WOW, I was (for lack of a better term) blown away! Lynne turned to me and without saying who or what addressed the heart and soul of what I did not even realize I was holding on to. My heart and soul resonated with her words and deep, profound, life changing, healing tears and pain were released as I cried and cried. She held my hands and reassured me to let it all go. The compassion, love, acceptance and peace she resonates made it that much easier to do.
It was amazing to me that she was able to pin point and help me to release something I was not consciously aware was weighing so heavily in me. Needless to say, it felt wonderful to let that go. I was changed after that on a very deep level.
I am so grateful for the work Lynne does, she has a gift to get right to to the heart and soul of the matter."

Life Purpose and Life Direction
Melissa S.
Hudson River Valley, NY

"I loved this. I just listened to it again for a second time and found more information that I may have missed the first time around. I not only found this information to be extremely accurate, but also very comforting as well. Its almost like there is a team behind the scene supporting me that I hadn't acknowledged before. I look forward to see how this new information affects my life. I will continue to revisit it!"

Channeled Readings
Christine M.
Hudson River Valley, NY

"Hi Lynette, I hope you are well. I have been in such a place of spirit over the past week. I want to thank you for the guidance you have provided and I am feeling a calling for more Love and compassionate work or involvement/participation on my behalf."

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