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Evidential Mediumship or Psychic party, fun, exciting, and high energy gallery-styled readings. Be the host with unique entertainment for your guests! Fun group events are a great form of entertainment for 4 people to 40+. Not everyone is guarenteed a reading. I work by energetic connection and guided by spirit, but the ones that get them are happy they did ! Psychic readings are usually short, powerful, direct and entertaining. Mediumship readings are longer to develop evidence and message, but are usually entertaining and healing at the same time. Can mix it up. 


Host manages guest invites and party, provides all the basics directly and is responsible for any AV and media needed on-site. Can do non-microphoned events up to 20 people in smaller space.  


Entertainment duration is 1 hour 30 minutes. Can be shorter by request. Total booking is max 4 hours including travel time to your location at the listed rate.

Please email direct for on-location sites outside an hour drive from Northern New Jersey. 

Your Party mediumship or psychic - max 4 hours incl. trav

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