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Use this option for taking the leap and committing to the 6-week Soul Integration Journey. By purchasing this product, you are affirming that you have already had a consulation with me to determine appropriate timing and readiness. 


There is a huge difference between having a Soul (we all have that) and inviting your Soul (and hence, Divinity) to be part of your everyday life, to witness, to participate, offer insight and guidance. Due to mass addiction to suffering, blame shifting, fear, negative beliefs/attitudes and actions, our Soul slowly steps back from our expereince and that void is replaced with lesser vibrational energy. We are born 50% Spirit and 50% Physical. We evolve through our given set of circumstances, into varying degrees of Soul in our lives. Most folks move from 50% Spirit to around 12% of Spirit. What fills in the rest? Fear, anger, negative beliefs, envy, jealouness, depression, illness... the options are endless. 


If you have chosen to raise your level of experience, replace limiting beliefs, release fear, heal yourself and your relationships, embark on a serious forgiveness journey, and live inspired, intuition forward, and to live the most rewarding experience possible, then the Soul Integration work could be your next step. 


Its a big commitment and I congratulate you on taking this massive step towards personal freedom, life fulfillment, empowering yourself, and co-creating the most amazing experience possible. 

Need alternate payment method? Please contact me directly on the Contact page. Cash onsite is also fine - please email for that option. Thank you.

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Soul Integration Journey - Ultimate Healing and Empowerment

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