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For those willing to delve deeper into spiritual healing, I offer the customized Soul Integration Journey that take this Earth Plane experience to whole new levels.  This is your ultimate psychic reading. It is your life reading! This consultation is the beginning process of that Journey. 


In the initial consultation, we discuss where you are at, your intent, and can develop a plan together. The $120 one-hour consultation fee is non-refundable as it is a full psychic and spiritual reading during that period with the intent of working together on your Soul Journey, even if it turns out now is not the right timing or there are steps needed prior to the actual Journey. The consultation is 40 minutes of psychic/spiritual connection and about 20 minutes to discuss the particulars and potential timing of our sessions together.

The individual Soul Integration Journey will always follow this format: minimum of 6 weekly sessions, each session is appx. 2 hours in length. I work from a basic, universal framework but after that, what we do and how we do it varies for each client. Clients must commit to participating in weekly sessions and in completing the weekly 'homework' once the process starts. You must also be able to commit to fully uninterrupted sessions if we are working remotely (I'm talking full airplane mode for phones and environment.) The amount of energy required from me to hold space and guide you on this journey is immense and your commitment of energy to yourself and the process must be the same. Please be aware that this level of spiritual and whole being work is 100% sacred. Please be conscious of all that is required for us both to meet in this space and accomplish what we set out to do. Soul Integration work is not easy. It requires you to take long, hard looks of yourself. Stretch yourself. Be ready and to make serious life choices and likely changes. In order to experience something different, you must do something different. In our case, it is likely many things that will need finessing. It also puts the responsibility of your life and experiences in YOUR hands. You do this work for you and not anyone else; even though you doing this work affects everyone else around you. As you become a lighter being, how you experience and interact with life changes. If you are seeking to elevate your life experience into 'amazing', this is the foundation and tool kit to do just that. 


It is important to note that while anyone can engage in this work, not everyone is ready at this moment. And that is ok. Your first session (consultation) with me can help prepare you better if this moment is not perfect or be an interim jump before we take on the full journey. The other factor is my availability to do this heavy work with someone. Please know, that my schedule is always a factor as well. 


[Note - the option to increase sessions to cover additional relationships, trauma, or other needed work during the journey is available at the same per session rate. We can opt in to additional sessions or keep the original format. If needed, this decision is fully yours and will be part of your co-creating journey. ]

Soul Integration Consultation - Prerequisite for Journey

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